Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Procraster speaking

Dunk! Egg! Horse! Art! Procrastination!
Dunk & Egg riding again, it says on Martin's (not a) blog. More correctly, Dunk & Egg are riding the exact same trails again, experiencing the same three adventures now with some new art depicting the same stuff we had depicted in comic book adaptations. 
Yup, I'm still a bit aggravated over the whole A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms announcement. It feels as if they expect the fans to get down on their knees and praise the mighty overlords of publishing for this book. Well okay, I do get it. For people who don't already own the three novellas, this is a nifty and admittedly good-looking product. Obviously. It's more the way it's being marketed that bugs me, I suppose. As if this is something people have been clamoring for; as if this should work as an appeasement of sorts for another long year of waiting (which makes the release date of October 6th hilarious btw). 

Well well. That's not what I really came here for today. No sirree. I mean, I may like to moan and bitch from time to time, but, you know. Right? Okay. Oh. What I came for was to mention that I'm almost ready for the massive undertaking of A Feast with Dragons, I just need to find an opening somewhere to get in some reading and writing. I'm also reaching the last fifth of The World of Ice and Fire, so stay tuned for more Ice & Fire-related posts. 


  1. Let's look at the bright side! Last year we had A World of Ice and Fire, this year we're getting 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms', so it feels like a Song of Ice and Fire has become a yearly series! Let's ride the hype! With a little luck, we'll be getting Winds at the end of 2016...but then it'd compete with Star Wars, so probably not...

  2. Also - George didn't "waste" waste his time on working on this. The 'newest' material came out in 201, artwork aside. No one's making you buy it.

  3. Jeffrey, agreed - I did mention that I understand the value this product can have for some people :) What aggravates me is, of course, the frustration of waiting for the next book :-D

  4. anything can happen. yes, Dance was 2011. Some of George's books are about 2-3 the size of other author's books, and therefore take 2-3 times longer.

    Just remember that Dance was announced Marc/April of 2011, and it came out in July that same year. So, for the book to be published 'this year' George would have to make a 'delivered announcement' no later than September.