Friday, March 13, 2015

[Ice & Fire] Astronomy and mythology

While I am still banned from Westeros (which is why I call it Censoros) for questioning George R.R. Martin's dedication (yeah I'm over it now, no worries) - that's ten years in exile, I feel like Ser Jorah Mormont - I do browse the forums over there once in a while, because though it's a pretty sterile place, there are some bright minds there that produce some great theories.

A fellow who names himself Lucifer means Lightbringer has made two threads with more to come that I find both thought-provoking, interesting, and which I find myself agreeing with (mostly). Both threads are pretty good reads, if you ask me, so good that I want to promote them right here. I've been feeling that there's a connection between the setting's astronomy, history, and mythology myself, but haven't been able to put it forth so eloquently as LmL does in his threads. So if you're suffering from Long Wait Abstinence, you could do worse than check out The Astronomy Behind the Legends of Planetos and Astronomy of Planetos II: The Bloodstone Compendium. I've been interested in mythology and the origins of religions for a long time, and can confirm that everything stated about Lucifer, the Morningstar, is correct. I remember when reading A Feast for Crows and suddenly there was a character mentioned named "Lucifer". It so took me out of the story, but now I know there was a reason behind the choice of name. Which makes it a bit more palatable. Although it is still jarring. As jarring as reading The Winds of Winter and finding something like

Jon Snow woke up. It felt as if his face was frozen; his breath plumed above his eyes, making him realize he was lying. Rising, he saw that he was in some kind of ice cave, but it felt more like a tomb. He opened the door, and there he saw people staring at him, looking surprised.
"He is Risen!" they hollered. "He has returned! Jesus Christ!"

Know what I mean? Some names just don't belong in a fantasy novel meant to transport you to another world. For someone not familiar with Christianity reading about a character named Lucifer might not be a problem, of course. And there are many other common names from our world, like Jon, or the many Pates and Dicks. But some names of course have a little more baggage, so to speak. So let's hope we don't meet a Ser Afold Hitler or something like that.

Anyway, it sure is an interesting topic, and there's just so much to think about. I'm looking forward to more from this user. 

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