Monday, March 9, 2015

New Trailer

This is my new favorite Dany image. Love it.
My apologies for the current slowdown on this blog. Life's been a bit tough these last couple of weeks, leading to very little time for reading and other geekery. I'll be doing another chapter of A Feast with Dragons this week, but I'm not sure when I'll get it done. Meanwhile, there's a whole new Game of Thrones Season Five trailer out; which is the only bit of exciting news I suppose regarding A Song of Ice and Fire since...the previous trailer. Yup, Not A Blog is still not concerned with any update or info whatsoever on Winds - the only thing I've gleaned is that the next Wild Cards book apparently is more important to Mr. Martin than Winds. 

Quoth Mr. Martin:
But not I am home again, facing the usual mountain of mail and email, and of course the monkeys on my back... those noisiest of them being HIGH STAKES, volume twenty-three in the Wild Cards series, and of course the Son of Kong, THE WINDS OF WINTER.

All right, all right, he mentions that they are both important. Still. And it has become "Son of Kong" to boot, as if reminding us of the Long Wait for Kong is a good marketing decision. Some things just never seem to change...and now! The trailer. Haven't watched it myself, yet.

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