Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Will the winds blow in the fall?

George R.R.'s latest so-a-blog post is quite interesting, and of course it has sent hype and speculation sky high (per usual). Yes, it sounds as if he believes he can finish Winds this year. Yes, in 2005 he wrote that we'd be reading Dance "next year".

What I really liked though, was the following post - and for once, Martin responded in a nice manner (not the usually grumpy answers he sometimes hurt people's feelings with):

You're talented, rich, famous, doing what you love ... turn that frown upside down, mister


You have a valid point.

Most people would kill to have problems like mine.

George R.R. Martin admitted someone had a valid point! 


  1. I just saw the post on Martin's update from TOTH and I immediately though "Slynt probably already made a post about it." :)
    I usually don't check Martin's blog, I shamelessly let you do that for me, hope you don't mind. George definitely has too many distractions, some of them obligatory while others just guilty pleasures. It sucks that he has to pass on some of them but I'm really hoping for that book to come out already. Being rich and famous can sure be nice, but sometimes you still have to get your coffee, sit down, and get your job done. My personal guess is that Winds comes out between November 2015-February 2016. Afterwards GRRM can totally get a cruise loaded with food, wenches and comic books and just party for a whole month straight.

  2. The creators of the HBO show have already confirmed that the show is going to spoil the books, so we are only a couple of years away form finding out what the ending will be.