Friday, June 26, 2015

The Week in Geek

Dat cover. Doth no justice to story.
This week there's been precious little A Song of Ice and Fire-related geekery on me, and I haven't really felt that something was missing last Sunday either. Game of Thrones season five just kind of came and went, didn't it, without that much of an impact on the geek-senses.

2015 is still shaping up to be a pretty good year for me, as there's stuff coming out that I count among my favoritest entertainment - my favoritest band My Dying Bride release a new album in September, as do the kings of melodic galloping heavy metal that really is a bit samey Iron Maiden; there's finally coming a new computer game set in the Forgotten Realms, Sword Coast Legends, (blind pre-order is in) and of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is less than half a year away. The only thing missing is, of course, The Winds of Winter. Even an announcement would be enough to make 2015 my perfect entertainment year. I better go check mr. Martin's blog in case he's announced it and I haven't been paying attention..

He's editing Wild Cards.


Oh well. I still have The Red Knight to get through - right now, at 70%, it is really good (except for the incredibly many typos - this must be the least edited fantasy novel I ever read), I have bought the new Mark Lawrence novel (The Liar's Key, sequel to Prince of Fools), and the to-read pile beyond those two just keeps on growing faster than I can read. Well, I could of course read more, but I also need some time for Pillars of Eternity, which I'm still playing and it really, really is a fantastic game and story; I love it a long time. There's an expansion coming out too, but I gather I still have much to explore and experience. And, of course, I always spend some time tinkering with my homebrew tabletop RPG campaign world, or read bits and pieces of realmslore in sourcebooks and online, and other assorted geeky stuff. And I've been teaching a relative the art of Magic: The Gathering of all things. And listened to a lot of music, always. And I'm writing a module for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, now that I think about it.

I'll be reading me some A Feast with Dragons during the summer, but I can't promise I'll be very active (not that I ever was) on the blog in the coming weeks, Hopefully come fall we will know when to expect The Winds of Winter and the passion for Ice and Fire rekindles in a blaze that makes me furiously re-read books four and five in preparation of the oncoming winter.

Have a fantastic and pain-free summer, and may we soon be reading that book we're all so anxious about!


  1. Don't click if you don't want to get spoiled...or disappointed. I suppose it all depends on how you would like to see The Wall play out. They obviously didn't send the memo out soon enough to keep quiet on the spoilers.

  2. Ok I can't help it - I'm going to click

  3. Ah, that is what I've been suspecting all along. Since 2011 in fact ^^