Thursday, July 2, 2015

GRRM's editor has sent him an email!

Much to my surprise, my editor Anne Groell sent me an email while I was over in Europe (Germany, Sweden, Aland) to let me know that the

...people clamor for The Winds of Winter. Just sayin'.

Oh...she wrote something else. Ka-darn.

Back from the first of several holiday detours, I find the Internet largely unchanged in terms of A Song of Ice and Fire news. 

I've been offline mostly, playing me some Pillars of Eternity and reading fantasy lore whenever time permitted. 

Soon off again, I can't see a chance to read any A Feast with Dragons this week, either. I don't want to lose steam (I'd rather build more steam) but that's how it is. Summer and all. And so much goodness on the horizon in terms of geekery. Yummy. I almost feel like an author traveling the world and leaving my work back home, just reveling in geekity.

Wonder how far away we are from The Announcement? 

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