Wednesday, August 12, 2015

George R.R. Martin: Signs of Life!

Martin's So A Blog has not been updated yet in August 2015, but fortunately the man behind the arguably greatest fantasy series ever has returned to his computer to once again tell his loyal devotees how progress on The Winds of Winter is coming along.

We are only one day back from the east coast, having even finished unpacking yet, and yet Spokane and worldcon are only a week away.

Well, great - one week to continue work on The Winds of Winter. A whole week! Yay and chirp chirp.

Sometimes all this does leave me feeling rather ragged.

Oh. That's not good for your motivation, though. Perhaps a few days of rest first. Let's try to keep four days for Winds, at least. Surely some progress would be desirable.

It was a great trip, though.

Hey, that's good! Maybe it revitalized the old batteries, let's say five days of writing, then. Five solid days could get an author a lot of pages under the belt. 

My nephew Jeffrey and his lady Kristin got married in Bayonne

Very interesting! Congratulations. Also, I read that as "Joffrey". It's funny 'cause it's a character from your story but which your fans seem to think more about than you.

I enjoyed delightful meals at wonderful restaurants with editors and publishers from Random House, from Tor, and from Simon & Schuster.

A gentler soul than me would take this as a hint that Great Stuff is forthcoming. I on the other hand only see Martin's obsession with food.

I also went on a pizza crawl of Manhattan and Brooklyn with X-Ray and Raya. Nothing beats New York City pizza... well, unless it's New Jersey pizza, and maybe New Haven's.

There you go.

And we visited the training camp of the New York Jets,

I just love the irony of Martin showing off his love for baseball and not understanding how his fans can be so infatuated with his story (and want to see it to its conclusion). Also, more time no Winds.

And then of course there was Staten Island, and the showdown between the SI Direwolves and the Lannister Renegades.

Of course!

All in all, a great trip.

If only there wasn't so much work awaiting me when I came home...

Sorry, but BOO fucking HOO. What's wrong with this man? He's earning, what, 15 000 000$ a year and he has to complain about it on his blog. Man, I have never experienced a less grateful, less arrogant author than Martin. It's such a shame he has to be the one behind A Game of Thrones et al. I wish Erikson could have Martin's success instead. POOR Georgyboy aww has work to do. What a fucking slap to the face of his readership who patiently monitor his blog for any - any - breadcrumb of a newsbit on The Winds of Winter. And that so many fans just take it up the tailpipe - it's beyond my comprehension. It has nothing to with entitlement or any of the other tired excuses. It has everything to do with the author's lack of communication and crude manners online. Sigh. This literally makes me un-want to read anything from his hand / WordStar.

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  1. I didn't start malazan until after TCG. Loved every book and easily my fave fantasy series ever. Incredible depth and breadth. It amazes me to look back at the release schedule Erikson managed. 10 doorstops in 12 years! Asoiaf would've been finished a decade ago...

    Seems erikson wanted to write an epic fantasy series so he did. While Martin wanted to write an epic fantasy series so he bought a cinema, bowling alley, watched football games, edited tens of anthologies, sold his stub of a story to television etc etc. I can accept sub-Erikson productivity, but I really hoped the tv show would speed him up a bit - it almost seems like the tv show was his goal all along and he's indifferent to the books or the fans who made the books successful in the first place