Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Week in Geek

Yeah, things have definitely been quiet on the re-read front. My apologies for that. It's a busy time of the year - and I've been geeking out on other stuff. I've had ups and downs with A Song of Ice and Fire before, but right now I'm just not as passionate about it anymore. My interest in Game of Thrones waned to nothing during season five. No news or updates or anything regarding The Winds of Winter. It's like the franchise died a little and only book six can revive it. A bit like Jon Snow, then. Whoooops spoiler for a four year old book.

So what has been occupying my geek mind? Well, there was the second headstart for Sword Coast Legends, a Dungeons & Dragons video game that I had high hopes for. Long story short, I asked for a refund.

I've been tinkering a lot with my own setting, having a blast making maps and making up lore. It began with a small corner of the world, and now I've moved on to other continents. Absurdly geeky, but something about doing stuff like this is, I don't know, I just get totally engrossed.

As for reading, I'm still busy with Django Wexler's The Thousand Names, and it is still very good, but I've also been reading Star Wars: Journey to The Force Awakens: Aftermath, by Chuck Windig, as well as my latest acquisitions in my mad attempt at collecting everything Forgotten Realms, a big pile of sourcebooks that technically should see me through many years of entertainment.
And of course I've spent way too much time browsing forums related to my geek passions, but I barely bother to check out Ice & Fire sites these days.

Just for kicks - you never know - I'm going to check Martin's blog now, in the vain hope....

...oh. Game of Thrones, numerous Emmys.
Well that's great and should've come earlier, now HBO will think that season five was somehow good. And Martin of course will be full of it and do another round of exhausting interviews with the same tired questions and yes the Emmys basically means The Winds of Winter just got postponed a little more. Grrreat!

Oh well.

Coming up: Re-reading A Feast with Dragons

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

[Re-read] Jon I - Notice Something. Stop. Notice Something. Stop. Talk. Stop. Move. Notice Something.

It's time to check out another A Feast with Dragons chapter! As you may have noticed during my re-read of Brienne I it was mostly an annoying experience as I felt the chapter was slow, plodding, with little coloration and little development of, well, anything. Unfortunately (perhaps) the next chapter up in the suggested reading order is Jon I from A Dance with Dragons, which I seem to recall wasn't exactly an edge-of-your-seat chapter, either. Hopefully, it will bring some character development, or a new look at stuff, or, you know, whatever. Join me and together we shall re-read Jon's first chapter in nine or so years (at the time) as father and son. Heavy spoilers for everything A Song of Ice and Fire, including, but not limited to, Jon Snow's last chapter in A Dance with Dragons! You have been warned. Also, bewbs. Maybe. And I know I should try and be a bit quicker with this re-read to get that feeling of a more cohesive narrative, which is the whole point of mixing together the chapters of these two novels - however, I have a hard enough time as it is getting a post done once or twice a fortnight, so please bear with me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Omsider

September Omsider is a song (by Norwegian black metallers Taake, which I love to listen to from time to time), meaning something like "September, At Last". I've been saying 'september omsider' all day because it's a month I've been excited about for some time, as it promises a number of entertainment products I have been anxiously awaiting (there goes my tirade from yesterday about the capitalistic industry).