Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blog dead?

While I'm not exactly posting mass amounts of geek stuff these days, I am intent on getting on with my re-read of A Feast with Dragons. It's just been a fantastically busy fall so far, and I've had to set my priorities straight. Keeping this blog alive came pretty far down the list, unfortunately, but I hope to soon be back and rolling.
In fact, I've started the next re-read post many weeks ago, and added a paragraph inbetween everything else during the last month or so, so I am kind of getting there, but slowly. Just like a certain author, except an update!


  1. No worries Slynt, everybody gets crazy busy now and then.

  2. I find enthusiasm hard too. When was the last time we had even a bread crumb of information? On the plus side - TWO new malazan novels getting closer and closer.

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