Thursday, November 12, 2015


Give the man a mirror!
My oh my, the days fly by, and A Song of Ice and Fire is all but forgotten in the rampant lead-up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I haven't been this excited for a geek product since A Feast for Crows' publication date was announced. I've gone from cautiously optimistic to overhyped with the release of two teasers, one trailer, one Japanese trailer, and various behind-the-scenes footage. Perhaps not a good thing, considering how badly burnt I was on the prequel trilogy, but so far everything I've seen looks pretty awesome. The only crux is the plot and character types which - minor spoiler - feel a bit too recycled from the original trilogy. Where the prequels went too far off the charts like Anakin's midichlorian count, the sequels seem to hew too close. Ah well, 32 days and I'll be sinking back in the chair, tears in my eyes, ready to witness this piece of ... yeah, it's just a movie, but for me Star Wars is a little more than just that. It's perhaps the closest I can come to a kind of spirituality, in spite of all the silly things. Perhaps because I've loved it since I was a child, and it never let go; kind of like how many people can't get let go of certain notions and beliefs that have been there since childhood. Star Wars isn't really an "adult" tale like A Song of Ice and Fire - it's suitable for most ages, but there's a certain resonating mythmaking in the original trilogy combined with spectacular designs that will always push this franchise to the top of my love list, even if it lies dormant. A Song of Ice and Fire then, the first three books, is the closest any other franchise has come to sniff at that first spot on the love list, but the author isn't making it any easy to continue to live the fantasy, eh?

That being said, I guess it's been so long since I have visited George's blog, I better take a look to update myself on the progress of that next book whatever it was called.

"More Hugo Thoughts."
A great short story full of more thoughts, at 737 words, this post contains approximately 0% useful information for a fan of Martin's saga.

"Suicide Girls."
A nice reminder that there's some kind of weird movie playing in Martin's private cinema. This is of course extremely useful for the 99.99% of his readers living elsewhere in the world. Update info: 0%.

"Signed Books."
Why the hell would I want a signed book from this man? Spend those two words and two letters on The Winds of Winter instead, Mr. Can someone ask him to sign a copy of book six?

"Maybe you CAN go home again..."
Wow, that sounds like a piece of poignant dialogue from the upcoming book, but who knows? This post is all about Martin not writing on the book, so I couldn't care less.

"Back to Evanston"
Right. Fuck.

"Hugo Thoughts"
The exciting prequel to More Hugo Thoughts, this short story at 729 words is as useful as a dead mouse found in a used diaper.

"Sunday Bloody Sunday"
Ooooh, betrayal and murder and bloodshed? Or is that just another sports commentary written by someone who is better off writing about comic books and toy knights?

"Books for Brains"
I realize you had fun there, Mr. Martin, I really do.

"Three Cheers for Snod"
First reading it as "snot" I wondered what this was going to be about. The post is as interesting as reading Star Trek fan fiction written with Egyptian hieroglyphs. Upside down. While being molested by an angry ferret.

And on and on it goes. Yes, there have been a lot of Not a Posts, and not one of them has any relevance to A Song of Ice and Fire. Why can't the man at least try to give his fans a post, just once in a while? It's not like it was his other work that made him the stinking rich celebrity he is today.


Aw, what the hell. TA-TAAAAAAA! ta-ta-ta-TAAAAA-TAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


I still don't know when I'll continue with my re-read of A Feast with Dragons. As I've said, motivation is low, partially because of the insanity of waiting so long for a new book, and partially because those two last books drag on and on and dance with drag ons, they are so boring I'm not sure I can handle the pain of it all, despite my initial positive attitude going in, the goal being to better appreciate the work.

Right now, though, I have a hopefully awesome weekend ahead, when my old gaming group from the late 90s/early 00s is coming together for a weekend of nostalgia featuring weird-shaped dice, character sheets and all the other geek stuff used in roleplaying games. Swords shall be drawn, and spells will surely be cast, and cold drinks will most likely feature heavily and I'm so excited I can barely hide it. Two days without responsibility - what a luxury!