Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Geekery & Predictions for Season VI

What times, what times, what times.
April 2016 is going down as one of the über-geek-months.

The Shining Lady is bringing a Crusade to the Forgotten Realms
...It brought Siege of Dragonspear, the "mid-quel" to the Baldur's Gate saga. Not the jaw-droppingness that many perhaps expected, it is still sucking precious time. If you like to immerse yourself in a fantasy setting with a linear but fun story, go for it. Requires Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (which incidentally is my favorite videogame of all time; except the time before videogames existed, of course).

This little woman singlehandedly brought Star Wars back to my heart.
...It brought the DVD/Bluray release of The Force Awakens, shattering more records. There's something about Episode VII, and while I am still coming to terms with it, spending way too much time in various subreddits and forums and blogs dissecting it, that "something" sure has brought the "Awakening" alluded to in its title. All over the interwebs there's this fun, positive buzz surrounding the return of, arguably, the world's greatest franchise. And it was kind of weird to notice that at, a premier Star Wars site I used to haunt back in the prequel days, they have a thread for those who hate the film - just like in the good old days, when we gathered to bash the prequels to well-deserved pieces. It is weird to find myself on the other side of the fence: I do not hate Episode VII at all - and it feels good. Does it have flaws? Oh yes, some are severe. But it also has spirit. It reminds me of why I became forever lovingly enslaved in the first place.

There is one who could usurp the throne...
Tomorrow, April brings Fall of Light, the long-awaited (and by "long" I mean not that long compared to certain other authors) second book in the increasingly brilliant Steven Erikson's Kharkanas trilogy. I feel I need to re-read Forge of Darkness so I'm putting this one on the backburner. Besides, I never got very far in Dancer's Lament. I hate myself for not being able to just let the Internet lie so I can actually finish books.

Speaking of Erikson (and productivity), he's also written yet another novella featuring those lovable rascals Korbal Broach and Bauchelain, The Fiends of Nightmaria. While the title leaves me cold, I can pretty much assure you it's going to be a disturbing, highly creative, perhaps subversive, and above all fun engagement. Can't wait to read it. Amazing thing, it is slated for release this month. Fans of the Malazan setting, I don't know if you know how lucky you are...and mind that Erikson's roughest, longest wait for new material was, well, now; he got really stuck with Fall of Light. And I haven't had the time to even yearn for it (that being said, my Yearning Levels are much higher for the resolution of Martin's stories - I may be gushing about Erikson every other post, but Martin still has the most...power...although I would find it hilarious if the Ice & Fire saga basically ended with Steven sitting on the Iron Throne ^^ Apparently, the man hasn't even read the series or watched the show, according to this interview (which, again, demonstrates the intellectual capacity of the man).

Didn't Kylo Ren just slaughter that guy?!
Oh, and I almost forgot but I guess you were accutely aware of this one - April is, of course, bringing us the return of Game of Thrones, now in its sixth season (and apparently the last to follow the 10-episode format I hear), the season which the showrunners are boasting is going to go completely off its hinges...and go beyond the written word.

I initially vowed to not watch this season. I am kind of torn about it now. It's not like Martin's going to come riding on a white horse with a freshly printed copy of The Winds of Winter any time soon, anyway. I was also reminded that I don't actually have a copy of the season five set. Another thing for the backburner. Shrug. Oh well. Yeah, I'm probably going to watch season six am I right? It will be hard to resist.

Anyway, I am going to go out on a (torn) limb and pronounce ten things seven things that will happen during season six (I know, some of them are practically a given):

  • Jon Snow will be resurrected by Melisandre after having been in Ghost for a short while (short, because TV-show, may be longer in the novel)...
  • Bloodraven shows Bran many events, including the Tower of Joy, and teaches him to manipulate (what else use could green-seeing have? Just watching stuff from afar...doesn't generate much plot for Bran) time. When he learns how to manipulate events (from something simple as speaking through a heartwood tree) he realizes he can change time; but there will be a terrible price, probably. Suspecting Martin not to be the harsh killer he is claimed to be, I foresee Bran manipulating things to, you know, bring back his dad. Note: I don't like this idea, but I sense that this is where it's going. He can't of course change his own fall out of the tower, because then he would not be where he is, but he could influence events... OMG I hope I'm wrong
  • The Others will make their attack on the North, and everyone must unite against them.
  • Sansa kills Ramsay Bolton.
  • Theon is killed.
  • Brienne and Jaime meet again, possibly at Riverrun, as enemies 
  • Walder Frey marries :P

All right, I must finish some books, to clear the queue. And get on with my re-read. "Finish the blog, Slynt" indeed - yeah I lol'd. But I am aware of the irony!

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