Monday, May 2, 2016

...And Here We Go

Yeah, even though I did my best avoiding any Ice and Fire-related websites I soon enough found myself knowing basically every scene in Episode 1: The Red Woman, and so I succumbed to the Dark Side (and Full of Terrors) and watched it. 

For Episode 2, whose title I don't know, I'm completely unspoiled, though. But I know there's no point in resisting the call, and so I am going to watch it. 

I'll do a post on both episodes soon, and will most likely be following season six all the way through, dammit. Mostly because it's fun reading people's tweets. 

Obviously I'm also going to continue A Feast with Dragons. I've cleared my plate, and I don't have as many deadlines as I used to, which feels good. Listen to me sounding like GRRM himself ^^ (My deadlines, except for some reviews, the odd article, and some flash fiction, are mostly of the "correcting term papers" type, and they just have to go first in the queue).

A question which has occupied my mind this week is whether GRRM will be able to finish The Winds of Winter before the next season of Game of Thrones. I'm beginning to doubt it, but there's still time for a surprise (which would be a good title for the book by now. A Time for Surprise. If there's anything left to surprise us with after what GoT did to us).

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