Sunday, May 8, 2016

GoT Sunday

Finally planting my ass in the beloved couch after a four-day trip.

What I learned from the trip:

Be careful when you read books on your smartphone. You might just pick it up from your pocket and discover your phone's been purchasing ebooks from your trousers.
How this happened I'll never know. I didn't even leave the Kindle app open. Fortunately, and bizarrely, I bought two cheap books.
Even stranger - both were George RR Martin books. You may think that isn't strange because I'm a Martin nut, but I don't think I've even browsed the man, why should I? I already have it all.
The two books that turned up in my Kindle library were the comic trade paperbacks of The Hedge Knight and The Sworn Sword...of course. So now I have the print trade paperbacks, the print issues, the original releases in the anthologies, dammit I might as well buy A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

Fellowship of the Ring, the first Peter Jackson-directed movie based on Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings is not nearly as good as I once claimed it to be. Where I once was overwhelmed and touched in the theater, I now found myself annoyed at the overuse of slow motion, but what irritated me the most was Elijah Wood. So the movie turned into a drinking game - take a beer everytime it looks as if Frodo has constipation. By the end of the film, I knew I had had too much to drink.

Incidentally, I was again stunned, nay floored, by the vitality and thoroughness of J.R.R.'s setting, and how much I love the slightly archaic but oh so beautiful prose (yeah I'm talking about the book now), and how much I relish that deep sense of wonder the good professor managed to is almost ridiculous how many owe him for the brilliance of The Lord of the Rings, including our very own George. The pervasive sense of mythology, the dripping atmosphere...there is something so achingly compelling about The Lord of the Rings...

...but it doesn't have Tyrion Lannister.

Well, well, it's GoT Sunday again, and I am actually excited to see if they can continue the streak, though the trailer doesn't impress me much. Will we be waddling through talking heads-scenes again, or will it offer slices of drama?

I'm still not happy with the way they treated Roose Bolton. That was literally character assassination. I hope Book Roose remains the cunning and disturbing and ruthless man who would see Ramsay's dagger coming from across the Narrow Sea.

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