Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Taking it Back

After a rewatch of key scenes and some consideration I'm moderating my erstwhile enthusiasm for this week's Game of Thrones episode, and particularly the Kingsmoot. It wasn't really that good, was it, especially compared to the book material; I get that they don't want to make characters look too weird but Euron Greyjoy should at least have had an eyepatch and some of the dialogue from the book. And thinking about it, it turned out pretty lame with Asha and Theon managing to steal away a pretty large fleet in broad daylight, and Euron begging everyone to start chopping down, erm, trees to build a pursuit fleet? That was just bad.
And once I got into this mindset I began to ponder other scenes and in the end I end up with the question (again), "Why oh why can't they use more book dialogue? It is already mostly great."


  1. Success is a cross to bear. Check out any recent media with D&D

    They are clearly spending too many hours at the gym, and not enough story editing. GOT moving ahead can be just ok - or at least less consistently awesome, and they're careers are set for life. Great points about the stuff direct from the books is coming off really well on the show, and where they go off the rails to bring the story into some realizable form on screen, it's less consistent. Dorne and Iron islands - rushed and crappy. Brienne's arc on the other hand, to me is MUCH more satisfying in the show. Just sayin' here, I really miss teh show Gendry.

  2. Are you still watching the rest? I would love to keep reading your opinions on it