Monday, June 6, 2016

[Game of Thrones] Season Six, Episode Seven

I tried hard again this week to be unspoiled, but somehow, even avoiding everything related to Game of Thrones, the image of a certain character flashed before my eyes somewhere. This annoyed me, but then I was happy to see him right away; So right away in fact that we get a beautifully shot scene of him and his people building a sept before the titles, titles sequence. Spoilers for everything inside as I throw out my reactions as I watch.

It is almost jarring to see so many minutes in lush terrain with people smiling and women not being treated badly. An almost ethereal, dreamlike sequence showing us what Westeros could have been. (Although the theme of religion on the rise, in my viewpoint, promises more blood and mistreatment - and I believe now, after reading a few new Martin interviews, that Martin agrees). ANYWAY WOOOT finally a new episode day!
I find it weird to see McShane be such a nice, smiling fellow too; it adds to that feeling of "dreamlike", but of course its mostly because of how magnificently he plays a bastard in Deadwood.
And it's the HOUND confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to say I love this return (and revelation, actually) and there's some pent up aggression there, oh yes. Some people speculate he's a "lamb" now, I didn't think so and I don't think so now; it's a hound, wounded, caged, but soon enough out for blood. I guess the hip word is 'cleganebowl'.
And what do you know, here we have a Clegane eating from a bowl:

Aaand there you go; what kept the Hound going? Hate. High-fiving myself so hard. But Ian McShane being a nice fellow. It weirds me out.
Oh no, is he beginning to think religious thoughts? Sandor, noooooo!

AND we have the High Sparrow, most irritating gnat on show. Queen Marge is playing the Sparrow, and she plays him well. But it's quite hard to "live" this scene after the Hound's return. Haha I don't believe a word of what Marge says, well acted. High Sparrow suggesting she get down to business and get children with Tommen, and that she must convert her grandmother Olenna to the faith, lol.

"This is madness," is Olenna's 100% proper response. And now Marge is playing the Queen of Thorns herself! Wonder how much of this stuff will stay similar in the books, but I can imagine Martin showing how the young have overcome the old, thematically. And there it is - Marge puts something in Olenna's sleeve before telling her to go home to Highgarden. Marge is like, the best player of the game of thrones ever now? Olenna's sudden "OK" is weird though. Marge gave her a note with a Tyrell rose; "Don't worry I'm doing it for House Tyrell." I liked that quick confirmation.

Next; The Jon/Sansa Tour 2016 opens with the Wildlings. I like that Tormund mentions how Jon died for them, if only because it feels weird that nobody ever mentions this event again. Is that a new guy leading the Wildlings? Why not just keep Tormund? And why no lusty look for brr oh she's not there.

Back to Olenna. And Cersei. And Frankenmountain. Olenna is pretty fucking harsh with Cersei, wow. She's surprisingly composed (especially compared to book!Cersei). "You're the worst person ever," sheesh. Olenna suggests that Cersei should leave King's Landing too, but that's a no; she can't abandon Tommen, despite Olenna telling her she has, basically, lost. I want angry Cersei!! Where is she!!

Holy hhell great shot of Rverrun I love it with my body. Jaime is coming! It feels so early-seasonish, yeahh...and isn't that hints of The Rains of Castamere I hear? BROOOOOOONN!! Great combo, hopefully!! LOL first funny line delivered (yeah the cock/Unsullied army one). It was the delivery more than the pun. Love it when Jaime is like, "The Lannisters alwa.." and Bronn goes, "Don't fucking say it", it says so much about Bronn's feelings regarding Tyrion.

Edmure in the noose... the BLAACKFISH. Great actor. Really really cool. The Freys, well cast they all look alike. LOTHOR. Bronn funny teehee. Poor Edmure though. JAIME IS JAIME AGAIN, confidence returned, feeling better because now he's somewhere where he has control, gods I wish this was the Jaime of seasons four and five.

So many lovely landscape/castle shots today, and each scene so far moving story and characters, so far much more entertaining than the previous one. LYANNA MORMONT is fantastic! Great casting, well chosen dialogue, I love it - the tour's second date on Bear Island isn't as easy as the Wildlings, but in all ways a much better scene - it manages to drip some lore (Lyanna Stark), Sansa being multi-married, and Jon has to work to gain the Mormont's alliance. But the girl...haha. Ooooh DAVOS mingles! Is he sucking up or is House Mormont a "great" house? GREAAAT actor, he Davos guy though. Sorry I keep forgetting his name. Eventually, though, House Mormont joins the Jon/Sansa/Davos alliance. Teehee love how Davos gains this sweet contact with Lyanna Mormont...and also sad, because we know why, don't we? Shireen,,..he had Shireen to interact with. Intentional or not that is great setup for Davos "winning" Lyanna. Awesome scene!

JAIME AND THE BLACKFISH ON THE MOATBRIDGE OH WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWIE. Oh fuck. Standing like that, one or the other could easily push the other in the water. Are we going to get a fight? Did this happen in the books? Geez what happened in the bookks!??! Jaime ended up with Riverrun, I recall...and the Blackfish gets away? A slippery fish, like? It's like I don't dare to watch what's coming next haha.

Weird how this episode has me excited when last week was so underwhelming. It may be because we're getting stuff that is fairly close to the books; the return of old characters; and still there's also new story material. Everything looks good, too, today; lots of nice camerawork and all that. And such a brutally short episode, dammit.

More touring! This time it's Sansa's turn to shine. Man I love Sophie Turner's look as Sansa, She acts so well in the scene where House Glover must be won. Glover, though, is the toughest nut to crack. Sadly. Because Sansa is right, Glover is sworn to House Stark, and he's like, "nah House Stark is dead". There will be retribution!

And then we're on to tits! Tits and dragons, as McShane said, Asha Greyjoy = lesbian confirmed? Not unsurprising, really; she's been a boy all her life. Great actress, too. So she's going to make him man enough, sounds like Asha realizes that the only way she can come to power is by proxy - by Theon. Like how, like Sandor and Edmure, Theon too can be referred to as "The Broken Man" (the episode title I believe). And that last look!!!! Theon is back!!! But first, Asha must needs suck tits.

The tour continues, with Davos gushing over Stannis; will he find Shireen's remains? Like how Davos kind of has become Jon and Sansa's general ("most trusted advisor"). Sansa complains they need more men, Davos thinks they might have (barely) enough. Davos tries to break up a fight among the wildlings; Sansa writes a letter (apparently inspired by seeing Lyanna Mormont?) so who is she writing? Someone who can bolster the army? Littlefinger?

McShane has a speech (I didn't catch a character name, can I assume this is Meribald?), such a great actor, awesome that he said yes to a single episode of Tits & Dragons. Oh my the Hound is really listening to the sermon, it's good words absolutely but will there be enough time... oh wait scary music and approaching riders. Let's see if there's need for hate. Am I supposed to recognize these fellows? They are bad news, of course. Huh the lead bandit says the night is dark and full of terrors and we hear the theme music of R'hlorr. Anyway, they back off. Just as the Hound seemed to be taken in by the septon's ("I'm just a fucking septon") speech about live and let live, he realizes that you'll never be safe if you can't protect against violence. The dialogue between the Hound and the septon is quite good if basic.

And we have Arya, looking for passage to Westeros. I guess the rest of the episode (five minutes) is her fighting the waif and perhaps some (melo)Dramatic twist at the end (the Waif = Jaqen or Arya has learned to take faces and takes the waif's whatever). Perhaps she must take a face that makes it easier for her to book passage... something like that.

But seriously disappointed it's over already, what a short episode. But I like being excited about this!

HOLY MACEDONIA I knew the old woman was the waif of course but still I jumped. Lols. Was some pretty good stabbing how can Arya survive this?! Shit, that was an awesome and gruesome surprise, to see little Arya stabbed like that. Fuck. I expected a set piece fight full of acrobatics, not a brutal stabbing!!!!!! Game of Thrones still has it.

The Hound drinking and chopping wood...oh so there's more than just Arya what wait whaaat? And the village has beeen raped murdered brutalized violenced FUBAR and of course nice Ian McShane hanging from the chapel..that is so sad :/


I hoped to see Arya leave Braavos today, though. Otherwise a fine episode, at times splendid, have to say the King's Landing bits become startingly dull compared to everything else... and I like that I can still be surprised. McShane did a great job, I just had to readjust, Rory back as the Hound was fabulous - this was really his episode - the Greyjoy scene felt awkward and tacked on but with some nice hints at the future and some good dialogue, Jon/Sansa/Davos was nice, a bit as expected even, I wonder why Melisandre is "kept" back at Castle Black though. I have to laugh at how ridiculously idyllic the pre-titles scene with McShane is, after so many seasons of nothing but decay and death, here comes this little bright flare of light and hope...but of course, the "arc" of the building of the sept ends in the same episode so they need to turn up the contrast. Lots of juicy potential character development especially in the Hound, some mystery (Sansa's letter, Arya's potentially fatal stabbing)... oh wait. Arya will find her way back to the House of Black and White, get some healing, then stab the Waif to the core, before leaving?

But why where Asha and Theon in ... was it Volantis? I don't get that part. Anyway. Have a nice day. Potentially nicer than the average Westeros day. And fuck the Glovers with their stupid gloves.


  1. Maybe something not that important but davos was breaking up a fight between regular northern man and wildlings. It could mean that the racism can lose them the fight.

    1. Yeah I thought that scene was a weird inclusion; there has to be some follow-up here. Wildlings breaking in the face of Bolton force?

  2. Asha/Yara's enjoyment of battle and sailing doesn’t make her a "boy," and neither does her sexual orientation, whatever it may be.

    1. Hi Sasha, this was a rushed post (writing while watching) and so I didn't expand upon anything I wrote. I could have written a long psychological thesis as to why I wasn't surprised by Asha's sexual orientation...if only I could stop time to get it done.
      "Boyish" girls certainly do not automagically turn into lesbians, and I can see how my writing in this post seems to suggest that point. It's a fantastic scene, though, the more I think about it, the more I like it, for we are seeing Theon return (and it is so weird to be cheering for him finding himself all the time he was a decidedly unlikable character in the first seasons).

      I also notice I misheard her quote ^^