Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jon II, of course

Just noticed I've been blathering on about Jon I in the last couple of posts and it's of course Jon II from ADwD I've been re-reading. /facepalm
Still, when I noticed, I was happified, as it means I've already re-read 14 chapters of the combined Feast with Dragons instead of 9, that means I'll wrap this up in 2024 rather than 2025.

(I kid.)

Next up for me is Arya I (*double-checks the Roman numeral*) and, based on the hype generated in my bloodstream by Game of Thrones, and the joy I actually found in Janos Slynt's obtruncation (I'm using a difficult word instead of spoiler tags), I am actually looking forward to read it. Somehow, the TV show has helped me get more used to all the "new" strangeness in books four and five, and it's also fun to read to see the differences between show and books of course. 

I know this one thing that would have made my current returning Ice & Fire hype explode, though. But I'm not expecting it in 2016 (I believe I guessed a few years ago, 2017, and that seems feasible to me). But I'm open for surprises! Except the kind of surprises Martin throws at his characters. 

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