Saturday, September 3, 2016

Latest news on The Winds of Winter

There was some commotion (also known as hype) over at the A Song of Ice and Fire Reddit-channel. Apparently, George had blogged so little during August that it could only mean one thing: he was gearing up toward announcing the completion of The Winds of Winter. This, in addition to the speculation found in the thread I linked to, led to some fever for many followers of the saga which might as well have been called The Literally Neverending Story.

Fortunately, Mr. Martin was back on his blog today, not only stating how much he was thinking about his magnus opus A Song of Ice and Fire (if you're desperate enough, you can imagine that's what he's really talking about when he mentions the Hugo Awards, the new football season, Wild Cards etc) but also, in the comments actually saying he's not going to a particular con sometime way off into next year because Winds.

So there you have it, exciting as it is; a 2018 release date just became a little more likely (though I still hold to my bet of 2017, though I'm beginning to doubt it).

In other news, I discovered Harmonquest this week, an entirely silly show (combining live improv and animation in a, I suppose, novel way) that nonetheless managed to scratch that fantasy gaming itch. Full of juvenile jokes that probably only are funny if you've played some Dungeons &/or Dragons...though it didn't actually scratch my itch so much as make me itch and pine for a good old session of epic fantasy adventuring. The novelty wore off after a few episodes, though, but eh, I was entertained there for a while (but the hype-generation at Reddit is more entertaining).

I'm almost through Mark Lawrence's The Liar's Key, what can I say, it's not as entertaining as his previous trilogy featuring Jorg of Ancrath, but at times it is really good; and at times it loses its pull and I go days (weeks?) without reading on. Still, Lawrence is definitely reaching the second tier league. The first tier remains occupied by Martin and Erikson (and Tolkien), though I am getting behind on my Erikson, haven't even grabbed a copy of his latest novel (Fall of Light) or latest novella (whatever it's called). It almost feels like Steven Erikson publishes books too fast. Which is a nice change of pace, of course, eh? The Winds of Winter. That title makes me chuckle, these days.

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