Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Author"?! "Prophecy of dooooOoom"?!?!

Looking at the blog I noticed I had the audacity to call myself "Author of...." (on the banner next to the 'Stormsongs' logo). I apologize for this grossly misleading title, but in my defense I only recently learned that 'author' should be reserved for those who really know what they're doing, and that I should be perfectly happy with the term 'writer'. Which I will change come the next facelift. 

The Waiting for Winter: Part II has been "coming soon" rather long, too. Word is it is actually still in the works, so that you can complete the set of at times inane commentary on A Clash of Kings. But I mean, how long has it been "coming soon"? It's like I'm beating George at his own game, here. Quite embarassing, but it's not on me.

Anything Ice and Fire-related kind of pales in light of today's news, however. The history of mankind is taking a new, surprising direction with the presidential election in the US, which affects us all in the long term. It really is a big, big deal, and it feels like being in the North, knowing that the Others are massing, while watching Cersei take the Iron Throne. Sadness, disbelief and worry seem to dominate European headlines today, and it feels as if we're witnessing (cliché inbound) the beginning of the end...of something.

Palpatine never managed to consolidate his power and become Emperor...he was thwarted by the son of Jabba and Jar Jar. 

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