Friday, December 9, 2016

So Much Toil

Wow, do not simply install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It took me nearly a week to get things back in order. At first it merely slowed down my computer, but I ended up with two wiped hard drives and the prospect of reinstalling everything which, these days, can take a while with programs happily eating 50 GB. Fuck.
Installed update. PC began to freeze after a minute in Windows. Tried to revert to previous installation. No dice. Tried a lot of other things. Fucking ended up breaking everything. Howled with rage when I realized I needed a boot-DVD and my machine didn't have a drive. So much toil!

Fortunately, I learned a little when my previous PC imploded, and so I had saved my writing stuff, my music, and other creative endeavors onto OneDrive, which I now love a good deal more than I used to.
All this to say that my upcoming re-read of 'The Kraken's Daughter' is coming, but it's a little late in the running. Cool chapter, though. Cool character. Now that everything is (almost) back up and running - I did lose countless hours of toil in my games, such as The Witcher III (I love you!) and other cRPGs - I hope to finish up Asha's chapter and get it published right after this post of self-pity and first world problems laid bare.

Five days until I'm freaking out in the cinema watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I feel an oncoming screen crush..

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  1. "so I had saved my writing stuff, my music, and other creative endeavors onto OneDrive,"

    Progress, at last. *stare*