Friday, January 6, 2017


Six days into 2017, breaking the radio silence to say that I'm putting the blog on hiatus for a while for reasons™. From the looks of it, there's still plenty of time to finish my re-read of Feast and Dance before the winds of winter come a-howlin' (still no updates from the (GRR)Man). I have to redirect my energy for a while into a few other projects that have to take precedence ("I have to get my shit together and do some other shit"). I hope y'all had a nice holiday and celebration of the New Year and thanks so much for reading. You can re-read with me all the way back to A Storm of Swords' prologue (holy brownie, that's five years old! And I had a watch back then!) on this blog, my re-reads of A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings: Part I can be found on Amazon (links somewhere around here on this page). I've given up hope on ever seeing my re-read of A Clash of Kings: Part II materialize into an e-book but you never know. These are lean, dark times. The third Long Wait has become the Longest Wait (that happened back in September). We're all Theon Joyreek stumbling around the North now. 

I really have no clue when I return to re-read-posting; it could be next week, in two months' time, summer... at the latest, I guess, around the time the next Game of Thrones season begins airing; that is sure to get my Ice and Fire all juiced up and ready to go. Until then, I'll morph into a phantom menace and watch the proceedings of George, Ice & Fire and other geekery from a distance while listening to mania-inducing metal and sip too much coffee.